KEXX: Emmalence of the Realms

Enlightenment is Not Salvation. Salvation is Not Enlightenment. Both are Required. Neither are Free.


Lessons of Ambition

by Fig

An idea is a funny thing. In our attempts to coax it out, it reveals to us that it could be so much more than it is, and that maybe the way we decided to see it through is the wrong way. Or maybe not wrong, per se, but less effective than another way. I have seen entire webcomics reboot in the middle of a run, and quite frankly I don't want that to be my personal story, and so I have opted to do so now. With the wealth of new material I have been focused on making, it seems as if the current introduction is counterintuitive in nearly every way to accomplishing what I want it to accomplish. As such, I am scrapping it and redoing it entirely, and have decided to structure the series quite differently than I had originally intended. This change if for the best, and I must apologize for not putting my best foot forward to begin with. Here's hoping you stick around and watch me screw up my own shit just a little longer. 

What The Fuck Am I Even Doing Right Now?

by Fig

If anyone cares, I was gone for the past week or so visiting family. Since I have returned, I have done a lot more work on the comic as a whole. However, since it is work on the actual forthcoming comic, the prologue has been lacking in release. I will be updating it tonight with at LEAST two more pages, hopefully more, and hope to wrap up the prologue in the coming week. I apologize for the awful state of my release schedule as of late, and vow to uphold a more constant schedule in the future. 

-you are all that is precious


by Fig

Just had a huge update, and I apologize to all it concerns for the absolute shitty state of the website as is. Working on it. It's a project. Sigh.... In the meantime, please read my comic. Love it, hate it, it's only the Prologue, so all the criticism and encouragement is needed and appreciated.